Selling done simply, smoothly and smartly

Selling a property isn’t just about finding buyers. It’s about marketing the property to the correct audience and showing them why they want to buy. With over $75 million in brokered sales, J. Keller Real Estate knows how to sell.

There are many factors that went into why you bought your residential property. But times change, and buyers have different views. Our talented team of Realtors will look at your home and take a fresh approach to market it to new buyers. When the right deal comes along, we’ll make certain every detail is covered and your closing goes smoothly.

We apply that same, detail-oriented approach to commercial properties as well. With nearly a decade of experience in commercial real estate, the brokers at J. Keller are seasoned veterans. We can provide a detailed analysis to ensure your purchase will meet your needs as either an investment or income. No aspect of the deal will be overlooked.

Give us a call, and we’ll provide a free consultation that will show you how we will serve you best when it’s time to sell your home or commercial property.

JKP Sales Packet

Selling Broker

Jon Keller | Associate Broker, President

Jon Keller’s enthusiasm and dedication to property management began when he lived in student housing while attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Just shortly after Keller earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from the university, J. Keller Properties was born. His previous experience working for a large property management firm and pursuit of his real estate career was the perfect recipe for the development of his own management firm. J. Keller Properties has earned the respect and reputation of a premier property management company since 2008 in large part to Keller’s track record and success. Keller is a licensed Associate Broker in the state of Michigan and oversees the Rentals, Real Estate and Investments divisions of J. Keller Properties. Contact Jon Keller.

Drew Fanelli | Real Estate Agent, Residential Property Manager

At J. Keller Properties, customer service and satisfaction is very important to us. That’s why Drew Fanelli makes such a phenomenal Residential Property Manager. He knows what his clients want and always delivers. With over eight years of experience as a property manager in Washtenaw County, Fanelli easily navigates property listings to find the perfect location for all prospective residential tenants. Fanelli received his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Western Michigan University and is a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in the state of Michigan. Contact Drew Fanelli.

Mike Zanto | Real Estate Agent, Residential Property Manager

Along with a freshly printed University of Michigan diploma, Mike brings a positive work ethic to a vital operations position at J Keller Properties. Mike began with J Keller as our Maintenance Coordinator. His original role extended to proactive notice for our valued property owners so they knew exactly what repairs and issues to expect on the next billing cycle. Mike essentially developed the Maintenance Coordinator position before being promoted internally to Property Manager. His new responsibilities include managing current and future tenants. His leasing efforts and eye for streamlining our system continue to help improve J Keller Properties. Contact Mike Zanto.

Jonathan Holton | Maintenance Coordinator, Licensed Builder, Real Estate Agent

Jonathan spent years in the building and construction trades and specializes in custom carpentry. He brings a wealth of project based knowledge and an organizational prowess to our entire team. Jonathan has successfully obtained his real estate license and his builders license since joining J Keller. After just one year on the team, Jonathan has been promoted to Maintenance Coordinator. Keeping the Technicians organized and informing owners of service items is a snap shot of how Jonathan spends his day. Contact Jonathan Holton